Copenhagen Gallery 2012

All Photos Copyright © 2012 Henning Umland

Flag of Denmark

In May 2012, I spent a weekend in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. In contrast to my usual habit, I used a compact camera this time, a Nikon Coolpix P7100. I like this camera because it is able to shoot in RAW format and because many of its functions can be controlled manually. The image files were processed with Adobe DNG Converter 6.6, Rawtherapee 3.0, The Gimp 2.6, and Imagemagick. The P7100 produced excellent photos at ISO 100. At higher ISO values, the images became too noisy for my taste. I had expected this because the sensor is relatively small (compared with my Nikon D300S).

I enjoyed my short trip Copenhagen. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to stay longer. The city has a rich cultural heritage, and the Danes impressed me by their friendliness and relaxed lifestyle. Here are a few pictures:


Chandelier, Copenhagen Central Station


Boats, Nyhavn ("New Harbor")


Lightship, Nyhavn


Houses, Nybrogade

Frederik VII

Statue of Frederik VII, Christiansborg Slotsplads

Frederick V

Statue of Frederik V, Amalienborg Palace


Guards, Amalienborg Palace

The M16 assault rifles are a bad match for the historic uniforms. Muzzleloaders would have been a much better choice...

Royal Pavilions

Royal Pavilions, Nordre Toldbod

Gefion Fountain

Gefion Fountain

St. Alban's

St. Alban's Anglican Church


Little Mermaid


Inside Tivoli Gardens (Historical Amusement Park)

Pantomime Theatre

Pantomime Theatre, Tivoli Gardens

Glass Hall

Glass Hall, Tivoli Gardens

Moorish Palace

Moorish Palace, Tivoli Gardens

Harmony Pavilion

Harmony Pavilion, Tivoli Gardens


Statue of Hans Christian Lumbye (Composer), Tivoli Gardens


Restaurant Entrance, Tivoli Gardens


Pond with Restaurant, Tivoli Gardens

City Hall

City Hall Tower

Absalon Monument

Absalon Monument


Conservatory, Botanical Garden

Flag of Denmark