2001 Photo Gallery

All Photos Copyright © 2001−2008 Henning Umland


The following photos were made with a 2 megapixel digicam during a trip through South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Nebraska in October 2001. Downloading the image files may require some time.

Badlands 1

Badlands NP, South Dakota

Badlands 2

Badlands NP, South Dakota

Badlands 3

Badlands NP, South Dakota

Bighorn 1

Bighorn Canyon NRA, Wyoming

Bighorn 2

Landscape near Bighorn Canyon NRA, Wyoming


Yellowstone NP, Wyoming

Grand Tetons

Dead Tree, Grand Teton NP, Wyoming

Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake, Grand Teton NP, Wyoming


Landscape along Highway 89, Wyoming

Fossil Butte

Fossil Butte NM, Wyoming

Flaming Gorge 1

Flaming Gorge NRA, Wyoming/Utah

Flaming Gorge 2

Landscape near Flaming Gorge NRA, Wyoming/Utah

Scotts Bluff

Scotts Bluff NM, Nebraska

I like these charming, old-fashioned water towers which still exist in many small towns of the Midwest. This one is located on Highway 77 in Oakland, Nebraska:

Water Tower

Water Tower, Oakland, Nebraska